Why Ebro Turned Kanye West Down [VIDEO]

As the boyfriend of WQHT (Hot 97)/New York‘s Afternoon Talent Nessa, it’s not unusual to see Colin Kaepernick at the station or its events. Plus, the ex-NFL star has relationships with some of Nessa’s co-workers, including the leader of “Ebro In The Morning.”

Kanye West is headed to The White House tomorrow (October 11th) to meet with President Donald Trump, and Ye reached out to Ebro to try get Colin to attend the meeting. But Ebro said no.

So often, it seems like those who interact with celebrities as famous as Kanye will automatically accommodate in order to maintain or strengthen a relationship. That’s why it’s extraordinary for Ebro to stand up on principle and simply turn down Kanye West.

Check out the video to watch Ebro detail his exchange with Kanye, and give a thoughtful explanation about he just said no to Kanye.