Funk Flex & Nicki Minaj Finally Work Out Their Differences In 80-Minute Interview [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj and WQHT (Hot 97)/New York‘s legendary Night Show Talent Funk Flex and been trading insults for years. But the two very strong personalities had a very lengthy interview on Flex’s show, and finally seem to have actually resolved their on going beef.

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Funk Flex said he wasn’t mad at Nicki Minaj and claims he’s always been a fan. And noted that he had a problem with her music shifting into a commercial direction. Nicki replied by stating that she’s open to constructive criticism, but noted that she has a problem when critical comments seem to come from a bad place.

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Watch the video above to see the full conversation between these former enemies who are now cool again, or check out the highlights below. Hopefully the end of this heated beef will inspire others to work out their differences!