Heilo: New Social Network That’s Perfect For Radio Talent


Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and Facebook are great, but radio talent should definitely explore the new social network Heilo. This platform is audio-centric and now available to download.

“There’s been a growing need for the resurgence of voice communication,” said Heilo CEO Jason Weaver. “We text, we email, we photograph, and we video, but we rarely use our voices on social media. Your personality is not defined by words, but in the way that you say them. With Heilo, people will finally be able to voice their thoughts publicly in a conversational environment. I could not be more excited about this launch, and encourage you to Speak Up… people want to hear what you have to say.”

Heilo users can do the following on the app:

  • Create a profile, as well as follow other people’s profiles
  • Listen to and post audio messages on your timeline
  • Have private conversations with one or multiple followers in the Messages section
  • Find interesting profiles using the Discover feature
  • Invite your friends into the app with the invitation feature
  • And much much more!

Get a better feel for Heilo by watching the video below.