Kanye West Sets Social Media On Fire, Talks To Big Boy About Taking Shots At Wiz Khalifa [VIDEO]

Kanye West, Big Boy

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa had a Twitter exchange that gave Radio Talent and bloggers content for days. Kanye took shots after Wiz criticized ‘Ye’s decision to change the name of his previously titled “Swish” album to “Waves.”


Kanye took some shots at Wiz, then mentioned his son, and then their ex Amber Rose, who is also the mother of Wiz’s child Sebastian jumped in things really got ugly. Kanye eventually apologized for his comments, and his wife Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose even seemed to make peace.

KRRL (Real 92.3)/Los Angeles‘ beloved Morning Show Talent Big Boy the person Kanye chose to speak post-Twitter tirade, and the interview is really good. Take a listen to it in the player above and hear how this social media firestorm turned into a win for “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”