Macklemore Releases The Important “Wednesday Morning,” But Is Anyone Listening? [MUSIC]

If Macklemore were a state, he would definitely be a blue one. So the thought of him doing a song expressing his feelings after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, may logically have one to believe it could only be embraced by Democrats.


Wednesday Morning” reflects the somber tone felt by those who supported Hillary Clinton,¬†without isolating supporters of Donald Trump by injecting “not my president” sentiments. Also, he doesn’t turn off those who are disappointed by the results with simply telling them to “give him a chance” or “move on.”

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The production by Budo, specifically the piano heard in Macklemore’s “Wednesday Morning” give the song a feeling of hope, without feeling preachy. And the delivery feels intimate, and his one-sided conversation is important for a nation that needs healing after a brutal and bitter election season.

This isn’t the Apocalypse
We can’t address the hate until we acknowledge it

Even though it was released on November 17th, “Wednesday Morning” isn’t generating the airplay it deserves. (The total amount of radio spins is zero so far, according to Mediabase.) But hopefully, the inauguration of Donald Trump and the love shown by Ellen DeGeneres will inspire Program Directors and Mixers to play “Wednesday Morning.”