Is Wendy Williams Ready To Return To Radio? [VIDEO]

Let’s be clear, Wendy Williams is not leaving her successful self-titled daytime TV talk show, which was renewed two years ago by Fox stations through the 2019-2020 season. But during her recent visit to WBLS/New York, her last radio home, Wendy really seemed to miss being on the radio.

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Near the end of her conversation with WBLS’ Afternoon Talent Deja Vu, Wendy seemed to be joking when she said she would fill out an application and see what happens. And perhaps this comment would have been dismissed as innocuous if Wendy hadn’t repeatedly mentioned what she would do if she hosted a radio show today, what rules she would break, etc.

This WBLS interview isn’t the first time there’s been speculation about Wendy Williams returning to radio since the 10-year-old “The Wendy Williams Show” launched. According to a couple of well-placed sources, Wendy has wanted to do an afternoon show since she has so much free time after her talk show goes off the air at 11 am EST. In addition, her only child has started college, and so Wendy may be getting the itch to do radio again now that she’s an empty nester.

Two years ago, an executive was talking about syndicating a radio show starring Wendy Williams in the afternoon, but it never came to fruition. Some say the money wasn’t right, which make sense, because her husband/manager Kevin Hunter has a reputation for demanding top dollar for talent.

Hopefully Wendy Williams is serious about returning to radio, but even if she isn’t, the rest of this interview is definitely worth checking out. Seeing Wendy reflect upon her journey, open up about a brutal firing, and shed some tears is really endearing.